“Giugno. In un campo di grano ogni spiga sembra sollevata dalle dita di uno scultore invisibile, che lavora una materia fatta di cielo, oro e luce.

Fabrizio Caramagna

The Tavoliere delle Puglie is the lifelong “Granary of Italy”, where most of the Italian durum wheat is produced. It is in this area that our company, before anyone else, started cultivating wheat and then producing semolina and pasta. We chose the high protein MARCO AURELIO wheat, which is renowned for its gluten elasticity in the pasta-making process and can give semolina an amber colour.

Our objective is not adapting to the mass of “industrial products” but producing handmade semolina and pasta that entirely preserve the wheat scent without losing anything during the production. That’s how we transfer 100% of wheat grains, from the semolina extraction in the mill to the pasta-making process, preserving the wheat germ (rich in vitamins, mineral salts, and proteins) and the bran, which is the outer part (rich in plant fibres, mineral salts, and B vitamins).


The Spinosanto pasta

The features of our pasta:

Rich in fibres, low glycemic index, dark colour due to the semolina, average cooking time: 5 minutes

SINGLE-GRAIN, 100% ITALIAN, it does not contain traces of soy, mustard, … or other elements that can be found in industrial pasta, only SEMOLINA and WATER that allow the pasta to resist overcooking well.

Bronze-drawn, very rough and porous pasta to be served with any condiment. The slow and low-temperature drying fully preserves the original wheat sensory features, tastes, and scents.

The Spinosanto semolina

The features of our semolina:

GOLD yellow colour, slightly coarse, without any refining

It contains all the parts of the wheat grain, both the outer and the internal part, that give it a dark colour, differently from industrial pasta, which is white because it lacks bran and wheat germ.

It adapts well to bread-making and, as a proportion, to pizzas and savoury pies, giving their doughs elasticity and aromas.



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