Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pasta and Semolina

D’Apice Maria farm, extra virgin olive oil from Peranzana olives, “Marco Aurelio” quality durum wheat pasta and semolina.

“Un olio è come un figlio, ti prendi cura di lui già prima della nascita, dedichi a lui amore già prima di conoscerlo, noi da sempre ci prendiamo cura delle piante e le diamo tutte le attenzioni possibili perché possano portare un frutto sano e genuino”

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    Peranzana extra virgin olive oil

    Oil is not a condiment like the others, it must be able to excite, it must enhance a dish:
    wherever you open a bottle of oil and bring its bouquet of aromas to your nose
    it will lead you back to the scents of its territory, to its nature.

    The entire company agricultural surface is located in the countryside of the municipality of Torremaggiore, in the province of Foggia. 95% of the cultivars is Peranzana and the remaining 5% is “rotondella” and “leccino”

    Peranzana olives

    From the variety Peranzana, we extract a fruity, delicate oil, which is suitable for many uncooked dishes, and ideal to enhance all the typical flavours of Mediterranean cuisine.


    Harvesting is as much a long-awaited as it is a delicate moment in the production. It takes place from the second half of October until December. Drupes are harvested thanks to a facilitated method to be cold-milled and transformed into oil within 12 hours from the harvesting.

    Cold milling

    The production is meticulously followed to preserve the genuineness of the fruit: from harvesting to storage, from defoliation and washing of the olives to cold pressing.

    Durum wheat pasta and semolina

    The Tavoliere delle Puglie is the lifelong “Granary of Italy”, where most of the Italian durum wheat is produced. It is in this area that our company, before anyone else, started cultivating wheat and then producing semolina and pasta. We chose the high protein MARCO AURELIO wheat, which is renowned for its gluten elasticity in the pasta-making process and can give semolina an amber colour.


    Our objective is not adapting to the mass of “industrial products” but producing handmade semolina and pasta that entirely preserve the wheat scent without losing anything during the production. That’s how we transfer 100% of wheat grains, from the semolina extraction in the mill to the pasta-making process, preserving the wheat germ (rich in vitamins, mineral salts, and proteins) and the bran, which is the outer part (rich in plant fibres, mineral salts, and B vitamins).
    Marco Aurelio wheat

    We chose the high protein MARCO AURELIO wheat, which is renowned for its gluten elasticity in the pasta-making process and can give semolina an amber colour.

    The pasta

    Rich in fibres, low glycemic index, dark colour due to the semolina, average cooking time: 5 minutes SINGLE-GRAIN, 100% ITALIAN, only SEMOLINA and WATER. Bronze-drawn, very rough and porous pasta to.

    The semolina

    GOLD yellow colour, slightly coarse, without any refining. It contains all the parts of the wheat grain. It adapts well to bread-making.

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